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            STAECO RZ Has Completed and Delivered Iridium +ADS-B Modification of Hebei Airlines ERJ190 Aircraft for the First Time.

            Release Date: June 21, 2019


            At 10 am on June 21, 2019, STAECO RZ undertook the modification work of Hebei airlines ERJ190 aircraft B-3383 iridium + ADS-B, which was successfully completed and launched one day in advance..


            STAECO RZ base has two high-standard hangars, which can meet the requirements of three aircraft inspection and two aircraft painting. At present, it has successfully achieved the regular inspection capability of G550, G450, ERJ190 and CL850 aircraft, and the painting capability of A320/B737 and other series of private aircraft and a variety of business aircraft, and will also achieve the regular inspection capability of Dassault 7X aircraft in the near future.