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            STAECO RZ Implemented Colorful Guizhou Airlines Second ERJ190 Aircraft Smooth Appearance

            Release Date: June 06, 2019


            At 10 am on June 4, B-3242 aircraft glided out of the security checkpoint of STAECO RZ to airport, marking the smooth delivery of the second ERJ190 aircraft which was carried out by STAECO RZ for Colorful Guizhou Airlines. So far, both planes are working well.


            Based on the systematic working process of B-3241, some prepare works were done in advance for this B-3242 aircraft heavy check.Such as special working group was set up before the arrival of the aircraft, the familiarity of the contracting card , the guarantee of aviation materials and tools and to guarantee the foreseeable non-routine work in advance. In the process of the heavy check,we played an active role, established close contact with customers, carried out various tasks in an orderly manner, and ensured the smooth appearance of the aircraft.


            STAECO RZ is a comprehensive aviation maintenance service enterprise as well as a collection of aircraft heavy check, airlines maintenance, aircraft paintting, and modification.. One step at a time, deep aviation maintenance specialty and improve maintenance skills, approvals to make repair construction and extension, in order to better adapt to and meet the needs of customers and market.