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            STAECO RZ Successfully Delivered the First ERJ190 Aircraft 1C Inspection of Colorful Guizhou Airlines

              On the afternoon of April 30, 2019, the delivery ceremony of the first ERJ190 aircraft B-3241 which was carried out by STAECO RZ for Colorful Guizhou airlines was successfully held. The smooth delivery of the aircraft marked a new stage in STAECO RZ’s ERJ190 maintenance capacity and officially kicked off the friendly cooperation between STAECO RZ and Colorful Guizhou airlines.

                Our company put a high degree attention for this 1C inspection of B-3241 aircraft. Set up a special team, familiar with aircraft inspection work card ,prepared important modification project, aviation materials and tool chain security, foreseeable 'non-regular work to prepare in advance, on the evening of April 29 at 21:00, aircarft smooth release.The scheduled inspection of this aircraft has been completed ahead of schedule.

               STAECO RZ is a comprehensive aviation maintenance services company and a collection of aircraft inspection,line maintenance, aircraft paintting, and modification . One step at a time, deep aviation maintenance specialty and improve maintenance skills, devote to maintenance ability building and extending, in order to better adapt to and meet the needs of customers and market.

               STAECO RZ base has two high-standard hangars, which can meet the requirements of three aircraft inspection and two aircraft painting. At present, it has successfully achieved the regular inspection capability of G550, G450, ERJ190 and CL850 aircraft, and the painting capability of A320/B737 and other series and business aircraft with private aircraft standard, and will also achieve the regular inspection capability of dassault 7X aircraft in the near future.