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            STAECO RZ Base Successfully Delivered the First Cayman Registered Aircraft for Astro Aviation

              On January 22, 2019, the scheduled inspection of the first cayman registered CL850 aircraft of Astro Aviation was completed and transferred out of STAECO RZ base.

              On January 9, 2019, the CL850 aircraft stopped at STAECO RZ base to carry out the inspection work, which is the first Cayman islands registered aircraft undertaken by STAECO RZ base. During the period of aircraft parking, the regular inspection team worked closely with the customer, united and coordinated, completed the work with guaranteed quality and quantity and delivered the aircraft on schedule, successfully completed the regular inspection task!

                STZECO RZ was founded in 2017, there is a high standard maintenance hangar and a high standard of paintting hangar, which can realize three aircrafts of maintenance works and at the same time the two aircrafts of paintting works,our company has achieved G550, ERJ190, CL850 aircrafts maintenance approvals, A320 / B737 series and a variety of business aircrafts paintting approvals.