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              Services & Abilities

            1.Service: Interior design and modification, Painting, pasting,Maintenance, Airline security, Engineering Management,Tool Calibration,Bonded Warehouse,AOG Service


            CAAC and JMM Capabilities
            Aircraft Type Level Work Type
            ERJ190(CF34) 25000FH/18000FC/3000APU·H/126M Mend Refit
            GV-SP(BR710) 1000FH/1000FC/1500APU·H/24M Mend Refit
            CL-600-2B19(CF34) 1500FH/1000FC/5000APU.H/48M Mend Refit
            GIV-X(TAY611) 2500FH/2500FC/3000APU·H/60M Mend Refit Airline
            FALCON 7X(PW307A) 800FH/400FC/1500APU.H/18M Mend Refit
            A320 SERIES 24000FH/20000FC/96M Mend Refit

            BCAA Aircraft Maintenance SCOPE
            Type Limitation (Up to and including) Rating
            CL-600-2B19 (CF34-3) 1,500FH or 1,000FC, or 48 months Line & Base Maintenanc
            GIV-X (TAY 611) 2,500FH or 2,500FC, or 60 months Line & Base Maintenance
            GV-SP (BR710) 1,000FH or 1,000FC, or 24 months Line & Base Maintenance
            FALCON 7X(PW307A) 800FH or 400FC, or 18 months Line & Base Maintenance
            ERJ-190(CF34) 25,000FH or 18,000FC, or 126 months Line & Base Maintenance
            12,000FH or 10,000FC, or 40 months Line & Base Maintenance

            3.Special Operation

            ²  Painting

            ²  Composite repair

            ²  Other maintenance ratings acceptable to the CAAC